Corporate Imagery and YOU

What image are you sending your customers?  Are the pictures on your website outdated?  Does your business card photo reflect 2010 or 2001? 

Too often I visit corporate websites and wonder how long ago a photograph was taken.  Sometimes the clothes or the hairstyles say more than intended.  This is especially true for local businesses.  If I see a freshly planted seedling in your website images and drive by your place of business to see that the tree is "all grown up" then you are overdue a visit from a photographer who specializes in corporate photography.  Don't miss out on potential clients because your pictures give the wrong impression. 

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to update your image is to let a professional photographer do it for you.  Billings Photography knows how to capture you and your business in the best light!  Spring is almost upon us.  There is no better time than now to update the pictures for your website, print advertising, and "Wall of Fame". 

Call now for 20% off a Classic Business Portrait Session!  This quick and painless session includes an enhanced image on CD (or via e-mail).  You will be in and out of our studio in under an hour.  Call it a working lunch and feel confident that your customers and  colleagues will notice your "new image". 

For the business leaders who never seem able to get out of the office, Billings Photography also offers our Website Package.  This 2 hour, on-location photography session provides 5 enhanced portrait images (which can be of individuals, groups, or a combination of both).  Plus, you'll get to choose 10 digital location images which can highlight all aspects of your workplace!  Let your online clients see all that your business has to offer!  This $795.00 value is currently on special for $495.00.  Don't miss this opportunity to promote your business!

On April 15th we will randomly draw a corporate customer's name and feature their photography experience in an upcoming "InFocus" posting.  What a great way to get your business exposed to prospective clients!  Make your appointment now.

Call 402-333-5508 or just stop in at our convenient location, 14521 F Street, Omaha, NE 68137 in the Westport Plaza.   


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